Educators: Get Free Cloud Hosting With Moodle

Educators: Get Free Cloud Hosting With Moodle

Moodle Offers Free Cloud Hosting To Teachers

Earlier this month, Moodle debuted MoodleCloud. MoodleCloud is a service that makes it possible for anyone to use the Moodle learning environment free of any fees, including hosting and installation costs. This learning environment is designed to serve classrooms of up to 50 students and includes web conferencing functionality.

The aim with MoodleCloud is to make it possible for teachers who do not need large-scale systems but are looking for resources to incorporate technology into the classroom to do just that. MoodleCloud is funded by global Moodle Partners. By pulling from their existing resources, Moodle is able to offer modern educators—who often have limited time and funding to implement a digital learning environment—immediate and free access to their MoodleCloud.

With MoodleCloud, the site administrators can add content, enroll users, manage courses, and tap into the collaborative learning activities that Moodle offers. Additionally, MoodleCloud includes 200 MB of disk space, an unlimited database size, free videoconferencing that can support up to six users, customization, multilingual functionality, and support.

MoodleCloud is born out of Moodle’s belief that education is of central importance in making our world a better place. They learned from their network that there are a number of teachers who have small or nonexistent budgets for technology implementation and do not need to have a large-scale system in place. Additionally, Moodle knows that not every teacher is a technology expert. To help, they wanted to offer a free and easy-to-use software to help educators. No matter the size of their classroom, their IT knowledge, and their budget, every teacher will be able to use this new resource.

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