Dell’s Technology Training Program For Teachers

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A Look At The Dell Teaching & Learning Academy

We talk with teachers everyday – and what we hear often is this – teachers are facing a technology challenge. On top of managing all of their responsibilities in and out of the classroom, they have to learn to adapt to the changing technological landscape. For some teachers, who may not be avid technology users, this is a serious challenge. They are frustrated trying to stay in front of the technological curve and are looking for quick and easy ways learn the new technology skills that they’ll need in the classroom.

Here’s some good news  – Dell is releasing a new training program called the Dell Teaching and Learning Academy. The training offered is tailored to the specific needs of individual school districts, offering up to 20 educators the chance to meet with Dell consultants about how they can incorporate technology in the classroom.

The Academy will be structured as seven 1-day sessions that educators can take over the course of four to six months. These sessions will move from whole-group training to a time of coaching and modeling to small-group reflection.

If you’re worried that you need to be a Dell user in order to attend the Academy, fear not. Dell has designed the program to work with any devices and any platforms, which means – any interested district will be able to access this resource for its educators.

Upon completion of the seven training sessions, educators will receive a certification, thereby becoming Dell Certified Educators. We think that’s awesome!

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