How One Teacher Is Leading Success With Technology

How One Teacher Is Leading Success With Technology

How One Educator Is Driving Change In A California School District

Today’s teachers know that technology is transforming the way their students learn, both in the classroom and out of it. While the move towards 1-to-1 technology use is increasingly becoming the model schools hope to implement, actually having the infrastructure necessary for that kind of transformation has become a challenge for many school districts.

If your district is hoping to move towards more technology integration in order to help your students best learn in the modern age, the story of Desert Sands Unified School District, a California K-12 district, might inspire you.

This school year proved a turning point for Desert Sands. Under the direction of educational technology teacher Kirsten Wright, this district is working to transform the classroom. Breaking from the traditional model of students sitting in rows staring at a projector in the front of the classroom, they are working to bring three large-format display TVs into each classroom. Each of these is designed to serve as an innovation center where students can gather, bringing their Chromebooks with them.

To further encourage mobility and innovative learning, they are even changing the furniture in their classrooms. Rather than traditional rows of desks, they are opting for tables on roller wheels that can be easily moved and reconfigured.

The goal of these changes is to get students excited about their learning again. They have already noted success: fewer teachers are finding themselves needing to discipline behaviors.

One of the most important keys to their success, Wright says, is training. Some teachers have been apprehensive of the new technology integration, and to help them Desert Sands has hosted summits, offered online tutorials, and modeled lessons.

Wright is just one teacher’s success story. Are you ready to write yours? To learn more about technology integration in the classroom, contact D&D Security by calling 800-453-4195 or by clicking here.