How Schools, Wave 2, & The Public Sector Are Affecting WLAN Markets

How Schools, Wave 2, & The Public Sector Are Affecting WLAN Markets

WLAN Growth Slowed, Is Expected To Pick Up

A recent report revealed that WLAN (wireless local area network) markets slowed in the first quarter of this year. Even though the slow was more significant than in recent preceding quarters, markets still increased 3 percent over Q1 of 2014, the report from IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly WLAN Tracker.

This report evaluates both the size and vendor share of the WLAN markets—both consumer and enterprise—across the world. The IDC says that this first quarter growth was the slowest in years due to a weak public sector, weak Asia-Pacific markets, and delays from K-12 schools.

K-12 public schools are waiting to purchase WLANs because they have not yet received funding from the federal E-rate program. This program is designed to make it easier for public schools and libraries to pay for the telecommunication services they need to best function in the modern age. E-rate funding will be released in Q2 of 2015, and IDC projects that funding becoming available will boost the WLAN market domestically.

Another factor is expected to help the WLAN market. Wave 2 of WLAN standard 802.11ac is currently emerging. This second wave will enable more and more applications to make the move to wireless, meaning WLAN accessibility will be crucial for more functionality.

While the WLAN market did show signs of slowing at the start of this year, its increasing importance in the classroom will drive more and more schools to install and rely on their WLAN. Since technological integration is becoming a priority for schools across the nation, the increasing implementation of new technologies and availability of E-rate funds will help drive the market up in the remainder of 2015.

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