4th of July Decorations To Make With Your Kids

Celebrate 4th Of July With These Activities

The 4th of July is just around the corner. How are you planning to celebrate? Whether you want to head to the local parade, host your own backyard barbecue, or have plans to watch the local fireworks display, you will probably want to be decked out in your best red, white, and blue with your family.

To help you bring the colors of the holiday to your home, here are a few fun 4th of July decorations you and the kids can make together.

  • Paper Sack Flag Hats: You know all of those paper grocery bags you have lying around? Put them to good use with this fun craft! Simply fold the top of the bag over a couple of times so it creates a cuff when you flip the bag over to use it as a hat. Then, paint the bag part with red and white stripes and the cuff blue with white stars. You now have a hat to make Uncle Sam proud!
  • Fork Firework Prints: Want to spice up your white tablecloth or blanket for your barbecue or picnic? Or how about decorating T-Shirts with a fun fireworks display? Give the kids forks or pipe cleaners and red and blue paint. By dipping the forks or pipe cleaners in the paint and pressing it in circles, they can create beautiful fireworks.
  • Beaded Jewelry: The next time you see red and white paper straws (often sold in the party section of your local big box store), grab a couple packages. Cut the straws into one inch sections, and when paired with blue beads you have all you need to make patriotic beaded jewelry.
  • Light-Up Garland: Buy a few red, white, and blue plastic tablecloths and cut them into 4 inch by three foot strips. With the kids, tie them in varying patterns to a set of LED (or any low voltage “cool” string lights – lights that do not get hot) to create a festive garland to light your festivities.

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