Tips For Budgeting For Technology

Tips For Budgeting For Technology

Budgeting For Technology – The Struggle is Real…

There’s no getting around the fact that, if you haven’t already – you’re going to have to implement technology on campus. It seems the moment we are up to speed on the most recent technology innovations – there’s something new. This ever changing technology cycle results in the almost constant need to upgrade your technology (more often than you would like – or that your budget will afford). Ultimately, you don’t want your student performance to suffer due to outdated technology – so how can your technology plan be “future-proof”?

Implement these tips when budgeting for technology.

  • INFASTRUCTURE -Plan Ahead: Unfortunately, many schools and businesses have used up their funds in their tech budgets only to find that they then need to upgrade their network because it can no longer handle their needs. Take the time to create a technology roadmap for yourself, fully understanding the capabilities of each system you plan to implement, so you can probably plan (and budget) for upgrades.
  • DEVICES – Look To Leasing: If you are unable to pay to continually upgrade your technology, consider leasing it. With a short-term lease, you never find yourself facing a situation where you have invested in technology that has already become outdated. Plus, leasing keeps you on a consistent replacement cycle so you are never left deferring investing in new technology purely due to budgetary constraints.
  • IT SUPPORT PRODUCTS – Think “Future-Proof”: You are going to be investing a significant amount of money in your devices. When looking for support products that protect, sync, store, charge and secure your devices, low prices, “specials”, “discounts”, or “ bulk rates” seem very attractive – but are not the only things to consider. While these offers look economical – the real savings come from products that are “future-proof” – universal solutions that can be customized on campus for various devices of any size. Schools often choose mobile carts for specific devices (such as iPads) and when it’s time to switch to Chromebooks or laptops they must purchase all new carts because their new devices don’t fit in their iPad carts. “Future-proof” technology support products mean that, no matter what devices you purchase, you will have a universal, customizable support product (cart, locker, etc) on campus ready to go for your new devices. It’s really about the vision – when purchasing IT support products that are future proof – the result is significant savings over time.

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