Teachers: Google’s Updated Classroom Will Better Serve You

Teachers: Google's Updated Classroom Will Better Serve You

How Google’s Updated Classroom Will Aid Educators

Google has been rolling out tools to make enhance user life…  one of the latest is Google Classroom. Rolled out in August of last year, this tool has been a resource to educators who are using the cloud-based system to better organize their classrooms. Now, with nearly a year of use, its development team is rolling out some new updates.

Here is a look at Google’s updated Classroom.

  • Password Reset: Today, teachers who need to reset their passwords need to rely on their IT team in order to complete the process. Fortunately, with the new update, the process of resetting your password will be streamlined. The new Classroom will allow you to be made an IT admin, allowing you to securely reset your own password.
  • Trusted Domains: Teachers who work in a district that uses more than one domain have been unable to share content with educators using other domains.
  • Content Control: Teachers will have the option to disable downloads and/or printing of content so that they can better control access.
  • Link Sharing: Today, if you try to send a link via Google Drive to a user who is not logged into a Google account, he or she will be unable to view the content. With this new update, however, users will be able to see any shared file regardless of their login status.
  • Admin Alerts: Your classroom is a busy place. That means your Google Classroom is, too. So you never miss an important update in the midst of the busyness, alerts are being added for admins.

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