Common Core – Technology Can Aid Implementation

Common Core Technology Can Aid Implementation

Preparing for Common Core assessments? Here are a few common core technology tools to consider.

  • Deeper Reading: If your students need a boost in their ability to closely read and extract meaning from complicated texts, consider turning to a digital library paired with an assessment tool for reading comprehension. For example, C.T. Sewell Elementary School in Henderson, Nevada is using myON and Accelerated Reader so that students can read books from myON’s digital library, and then take the quizzes from Accelerated Reader to discern how well they understood the texts.
  • Common Core Standards Mastery: You want your students to not just answer assessment questions correctly, but have a comprehensive understanding of each subject. So did administrators from Phoenixville Area School District, and they are using Defined STEM to reach that goal. Defined STEM provides performance and literacy tasks, constructed responses, and real-world video resources for K-12 teachers and students. This tool allows students the opportunity to take on multi-disciplinary projects so they can master the Common Core .
  • On-Track Learning:  Clear Lake Middle School has turned to assessment tools like Naiku to keep their students on track. Integrating this tool can help you gather real-time data from your students about their learning. Here is what one teacher said about Naiku: “With Naiku, I am able to quickly identify what the students know and don’t know at the beginning of class. We have BYOD in my class so they use whatever device they have and I instantly have reports for the class and every student. I can then address the gaps right away with the rest of the period.”
    Dr. Todd Beach, Teacher, Eastview High School

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