Today’s Most Effective Education Learning Games

Game-Based Learning For Students

Remember the days of playing Lemonade Stand and Oregon Trail at school? As fun as these games were, they also provided a wide range of educational benefits. However, many of us did not even realize we were learning about entrepreneurship when playing Lemonade Stand and trying to make profits. Technological advancements have enhanced game-based learning and are helping to close the gap between fun and educational benefits.

Gathered is a list of the most effective education learning games that are currently on the market:

  • Elegy for a Dead World – Do your studenets dread writing a paper for the entire class to read in school? If so, this educational learning game is likely the perfect platform for them to become more comfortable with their writing capabilities. Each player in this game travels to alien planets and must be the storyteller, drafting poetry that is able to bring to light the past of that alien planet. All writing is shared to others, allowing them to gain confidence in their writing skills.
  • Never Alone – Rather than using traditional methods to educate your students about Native America, take advantage of the lessons, themes, and values learned in Never Alone. This educational game plays on the most important concepts such as interconnectedness and cooperation in a first-person documentary-style video of the Inupiat people.
  • Valiant Hearts – As discovered with the difficulty to teach history through the game Oregon Trail, Valiant Hearts strives to teach users about World War I by building empathy and thought provoking questions critiquing the war. As attempted by many historically related games, Valiant Hearts steers away from simulating the war and leans towards contextualizing the war in a way that encourages users to become interested to learn more.

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