Most Comprehensive Study App: Studystorm

Most Comprehensive Study App: Studystorm

Brightstorm’s Studystorm

The time when studying meant taking a trip to the library and cracking down on the books are forever gone. Children today are experiencing an entirely different educational experience than previous generations. A research paper now consists of reading scholarly articles through school provided databases rather than looking through the library scanning the pages of a dozen books. Today, children have the opportunity to take advantage of a wide range of technological devices to complete their studies.

Brightstorm, a company that offers online study tools for students to utilize, recently released a new mobile app intended to provide high school students with help studying. Studystorm offers studying assistance for high school students so that they can accomplish more on tests and college entrance exams. The manufacturers of this prestigious mobile app are calling it the “most comprehensive high school study app on the market.”

Studystorm offers high school students study guides for 21 school subjects, over 1,000 sample math problems, and nearly 5,300 study videos to learn from. Nearly all of the most important subjects are covered, including but not limited to algebra, biology, english, geometry, calculus, grammar, and SAT, ACT, and AP test preparation. The study guides are all organized by subject so that your student can easily maneuver through various subjects to study. Each study guide is followed by a short video that explains all concepts covered in the study guide. Then, your high school student will be presented with sample questions and problems so that they can better prepare themselves for tests and homework assignments.

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