Social Media Can Motivate Social Learning in Teens

Social Learning Motivation in Teens

Social Media’s Impact On Teen Learning

Motivating teens to engage in Social Learning (or collaborative learning) can be challenging. This is certainly not the case when in comes to engaging in Social Media! Especially when social media inside the classroom is limited (or non-existent) but is ubiquitous once teens return home. In order to promote collaborative learning, teachers can draw examples from (and actually use) Social Media to promote Social Learning in the classroom – and here’s why:

  • Action:

Social media requires engagement – it has evolved from simple information gathering to a call to action. Since many of the devices and apps available to teens allow them to “DIY,” this has changed the way teens absorb information in today’s fast paced digitally driven society.

  • Immediacy:

Social Media has resulted a “do it now” mentality. Since engagement in social media has almost immediate results (“likes,” “follows,” and even the ability for a post to go viral), this has altered social learning motivation in teens. There is an immediacy of social media that has changed the learning needs and desires of many young adults.

  • Engagement:

Social media has also resulted a “do it with friends” mentality. Many teenagers have transitioned from independent learning to group learning, as they are more experienced with social experiences.

  • Public:

One of the most influential learning changes brought on by social media is a “do it for the world to see” approach. As most consequential aspects of social media, youth are now learning the hard way that everything on social media is out for the entire world to see, even if you push delete. While this has brought on new pressures of keeping teens safe, it has also provided them with a viable learning experience.

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