D&D Announces 2015 PEPPM Contract

D&D Announces 2015 PEPPM Contract

We are pleased to announce we have been awarded the 2015 PEPPM Contract for our Student Series Line of Ruggedized Cases and Accessories and our entire MDL Series (Mobile Device Lockers and Accessories). If you are a California school – you can now get these great products without having to go to bid! This piggyback-able negotiated contract features best pricing guaranteed. It’s simple and a good deal for California schools!


When PEPPM started about 30 years ago, originally stood for “Pennsylvania Education Purchasing Program for Microcomputers,” but technology and program growth have made the acronym outdated. PEPPM is now a national program and it goes to bid for hundreds of different technology product lines. Today thousands of schools know the brand and people just use the acronym almost as a word – PEPPM — knowing it is the best, most cost-effective source for bid-protected technology contracts. is a technology purchasing program available to customers in California. This contract offers a percent off list price for Student Series iPad Cases and Accessories, the MDL Series of Mobile Device Lockers as well as deployment services in many areas.

You can learn more by calling  800-453–4195 or visit peppm.org