How Slowing Down Can Speed Education And Engagement

How Slowing Down Can Speed Education And Engagement

What Educators Are Saying: Use Pauses To Improve Learning

We live in a fast-paced world and the general inclination, even in the classroom, is to forge constantly ahead. What we are hearing from teachers is that, by not taking time to pause in the classroom they, and their students, were missing out on important benefits. These were the benefits they shared that resulted from taking small breaks as they taught:

  • More Time To Understand: When you speed through a lesson, a student who does not understand the initial concept will not be able to grasp everything that follows. That means that by rushing through, you sacrifice student engagement. Slow down so that your students have time to mull over what you are saying, ensure they grasp the concept, and consider how it applies to them. Encourage small moments of silence in your classroom so each student will have time to understand what you are teaching at his or her own speed.
  • More Mindfulness: When you pause, you earn yourself a moment to reflect. How are you feeling? What do your students need? Taking these small moments of appraisal can help you more deeply engage your students and better serve your own needs so you can better serve theirs.
  • More Equal Opportunity: If you choose the student who immediately raises his or her hand after you ask a question, you are encouraging engagement from your quickest students. By waiting a brief moment after asking, you allow students who may take a moment more to process the equal chance to participate in class discussion.

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