Two Birds With One Stone: Students As Tech Support

Two Birds With One Stone: Students As Tech Support

Genius Bar Training Offers Educational Opportunity, IT Support

When a school in Massachusetts decided to implement a 1-to-1 iPad Program, it meant that the School District’s small 5 person IT support team would soon be flooded with IT questions. They were going to need help.

Quick thinking team members implemented a class that made a world of difference (for them and their students). The school implemented a course called Student Technology Integration that was offered as a half-year elective. Students could take the course twice for a full year of training. The course was designed to teach them to, in essence, act as a Genius at an Apple Genius Bar.

These students then interviewed in order to be accepted into the class and needed to have a basic working knowledge of iOS, Chrome OS, Apple OS, and even Microsoft Windows OS (most students have this understanding). The students enrolled in Student Technology Integration served as tier one support, helping with basic inquiries like forgotten passwords and problems with WiFi connectivity.

When the initial questions died down as the school became more adjusted to the 1-to-1-iPad uses, the class transformed. Students were asked to step into multiple forward-thinking roles, such as a Genius at a Genius Bar, a presenter of a TED Talk, and a journalist for Mashable.

They also developed resources for the entire school by creating learning modules that trained teachers and students on how to use applications the school was working to implement. The program became so successful other schools wrote in to say they were using the trainings to educate their own staffs.

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