Three Apps For Learning Math & English

Use These Fun And Straightforward Games To Serve Your Students #itunes #apple #education #commoncore

As an educator, you may be strapped for ideas to overcome your students’ short attention spans. To help you, consider implementing fun apps  that will help your students learn Math and English (without them even knowing it). Here are a few great educational apps that can serve your students.

DragonBox Algebra: With a clever and elegant design, DragonBox Algebra can help your students learn algebra without it ever feeling tedious. In fact, the game begins without numbers even showing on the screen, though by the time the game is finished your student will have worked through over two hundred levels of math problems aligned with the Common Core.

Word Raider: Let your students explore the wonderful world of vocabulary in a Raiders Of The Lost Ark temple exploration style. This app integrates visual learning with vocabulary expansion, giving your students valuable practice as they learn. It even integrates their device’s microphone so that they can be fully engaged in the learning experience.

Dream Box: One of the biggest challenges as a teacher can be reaching your students at each of their different skill levels, but Dream Box does just that. Its games are self-paced and track with each of your students’ abilities as it offers them practice on Common Core-aligned math education. Dream Box is a great way to help younger students make the leap from concrete thinking to real world, more abstract problem solving.

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