iPad Programs In Higher Education

iPad Programs In Higher Education

Three Ways iPad Use Can Benefit Higher Education Students And Educators Alike

In higher education an iPad can serve to make learning more portable, more seamless, and more streamlined. Here are a few ways iPads can serve higher education programs well.

  • ITunes U Interfacing: A major service the iPad offers is the ability to use iTunes U courses. This allows professors to create their course entirely on the iPad so their students will have instant access to all of the necessary course materials. Students can also track assignments and keep study notes in this program, so their iPad can become the one-stop shop for all of their education needs.
  • Learning On The Go: As executive programs offer an educational experience that will complement a full-time work schedule, it is important for them to be extremely portable and accessible. Downloading the necessary course materials to an iPad will make it possible for the busy professional to always have their materials close at hand. Furthermore, utilizing iTunes U courses will make it possible for professionals to view videos even without Internet access.
  • Cutting Edge Technology: If you want to show the world that your institution is committed to innovation, implementing one-to-one iPad use will get your message across loud and clear. By providing every student and educator with the same device, you make progress easier because advancements in the technology will be applicable in every course. You can even consider branding the iPads with your school’s logo and name to promote awareness of your dedication to improvement.

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