Four Google Search Tricks

Four Google Search Tricks

Get The Most Out Of Google By Using These Tools

Do you remember the days when you had to pull out a dusty old encyclopedia to look something up? Memories of such difficult searches are quickly fading as Google Search has made it possible for us to get the information we want when we want it. Because of the usual instant gratification this site offers, it can be frustrating when searching does not yield the information you need. To help you always find the right info right away, try these tips.

  • Super Symbols: You probably know that putting a search phrase in quotes will yield results of those exact words in that exact order. This is helpful, until you do not know one of those words (e.g. you know most of the lyrics of a song you heard on the radio). For example, “And she’s buying a * to heaven” will lead you to the famous Led Zeppelin track.
  • History Straight From The Source: In Google News, you have access to newspapers from the last century. Heading here will enable you to see the alphabetized list of all of the papers archived on this site.
  • Play Time: Needing a quick break during the workday? Want to engage your mind (and a small part of your body) for a minute? Search Atari Breakout in Google Images and it will pull up this classic game directly in your browser.
  • Definitive Definitions: Sick of having to click through to get to a dictionary site, and then finally search the word of which you are trying to learn the meaning? Use DEFINE: followed by your word (e.g. DEFINE: effervescent) to quickly pull the definition of any word straight from Google.

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