Common Sense Seeks To Connect Technology & Education

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Non-Profit Works To Serve Students, Families, And Educators

In our increasingly digital age, many educators find themselves feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of technology options available for use in the classroom without any guidance on which to choose. Fortunately, sites such as Common Sense are reaching out to educators, parents, and students alike to make it easier for education to utilize the best technology available.

Common Sense is a non-profit that is committed to aiding teachers, parents, and policymakers as they navigate the digital world. Its ultimate goal is to make it easier for students to thrive in our technologically advanced age. Knowing that kids spend over fifty hours a week in front of a screen, they seek to ensure that this time is utilized for intellectual and personal growth.

While Common Sense Media helps parents and kids make healthy choices about the type of media they choose to consume, Common Sense Education is designed to serve as a resource for schools. Common Sense Education offers research-based tools for educators to use in the classroom in order to better implement technology. The best part? These tools are free.

They also offer interactive games and a K-12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum in an effort to help students make good choices each time they interact with technology. These tools are designed to control the way technology is impacting today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders, ensuring that digitization moves us in a positive direction. Focusing on helping students make safe and smart choices when using technology, these resources are crucial for the modern classroom.

Ultimately, the resources Common Sense is making available to educators can help schools and teachers teach the Common Core in a way that is accessible and engaging to their technologically immersed students.

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