Common Core Assessment Solutions

Common Core Assessment Solutions

Key Data Systems And Performance Matters Work Together To Give Teachers More Options

If you are a Performance Matters customer, their new partnership with Key Data Systems brings good news for you. The two companies have combined forces to offer new assessment items that meet the requirements of the Common Core State Standard through Performance Matter’s Unity platform.

Performance Matters customers now have access to Key Data Systems’ Inspect Assessment Solution. One of the features of this solution is a databank of test items that are based off of the types of questions students will see in final and mid-term exams and other important assessments.

The databank offers educators a multitude of assessment item options. The databank currently holds 14,000 history and science items that have been collected nationally, and 32,000 items in math and English language arts that fit the Common Core or other state standards. The intention is to continue to add hundreds of items to the databank each month.

The items can be collected into an exam and offered as a hard copy or in an online format. Not only will creating exams become less tedious with this solution, but educators will also be able to see detailed reports and analytics when the tests are graded. This will enable teachers to fine-tune their curriculum, bettering both the educators themselves and the students they serve. By seeing these kind of high-quality exam questions with regularity, students become better prepared for state standards tests and important assessments like the ACTs and SATs.

Performance Matters and Key Data Systems hope that their combined efforts will make it more simple and affordable for teachers to offer tests that will prepare their students for meeting Common Core State Standards and taking other important exams in high pressure situations.

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