Security Tips for Mobile Technology on Campus

Security Tips for Mobile Technology on Campus

With the widespread distribution of mobile devices such as laptops and tablets in our schools, it is critical to ensure the technology is safe and protected from theft with some simple prevention strategies:


Physical Security

Lock Exterior Gates (Lock Between 10 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.)

CCTV Cameras Pointed at Entry and Exit Points (Automobile License Plates)

Reliable Alarm System, with Zones

Rapid Police Response Time to Alarms Triggers (Immediate After 10:00 p.m.)

Doors Reinforced with Lock Plates

Blinds and/or Window Coverings

Signs to Indicate CCTV in Use

Stickers on Windows Re Alarm System

Theft Deterrents

Asset Engraved in Large Print to Reduce Resale Value

Computers Physically Locked with Cables or Security Devices

Mobile Devices (Classroom Sets) in Secure Storage Areas at Night

Carts Secured into Place Cable or Locking Bar

Carts Facing Direction in Room to Make Inaccessible When Locked

Internal Policies

Detailed Asset Inventory Per Room

Laptops Taken Home or Locked When Not in Use

Charging Carts Stored in Secure Alarmed Rooms

New Computers Not Advertised

Computer Boxes Recycled Discretely


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