Chromebooks Overcomes iPads For Educators

Chromebooks Overcomes iPads For Educators

Why The Chromebook Is Increasingly Looking Like The Face Of The Future At School

If you had to choose a device to take to a future technology expo, you would likely choose the sleek, touch-screen interfacing of the iPad over the more traditional laptop style of a Chromebook. If you were to guess where the future of educational technology is headed, however, you should go with the Chromebook. These devices are quickly usurping the iPad as the go-to choice for educators. Why is that?

Cost Effectiveness

As any Apple user knows, getting started with an Apple device is not cheap. When school districts are determining which devices to set their hundreds, if not thousands, of students up with, the added expense of an Apple option multiplies by the number of students. As a result, schools are increasingly choosing Chromebooks, which can cost under $200.

Networking Capabilities

If you have used YouTube and noticed you are signed in through your Google account, you have experienced the remarkable simplicity of Google’s networking. When schools go with Chromebooks, their IT departments are able to use the Google Apps Admin console online to link the devices. With iPads, the process requires much more work and the set-up and management of a Mobile Device Management server.

Other Bells And Whistles

For students who need to type a lengthy book report or research paper, having access to a keyboard really matters. Chromebooks have one built it, while iPads require schools to purchase them separately (adding to the expense). Additionally, with a Chromebook, users can log in and out, allowing multiple students to use the same device throughout the day without overlapping on each other’s work. The iPad does not allow for such a simple switch in users.

All in all, the Chromebook is becoming the increasingly popular choice for schools purchasing devices for their students.

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