E-Learning, Classroom Management Top Educators’ Wish List

E-Learning, Classroom Management Top Educators' Wish List

Which Technologies Are Schools Using Most Frequently?

If you have not set foot in a classroom in the last decade, you would likely be surprised about the changes that have occurred. Technology has served as the catalyst for most of these changes, and schools continue to strive to implement more technology to increase learning opportunities, improve participation from their students, and boost connectivity between teachers and parents. According to a survey conducted by CompTIA, an IT industry trade association, the primary shifts that have taken place in K-12 learning settings center on e-learning and classroom management software.

The survey reports that 50% of schools are already using some form of e-learning or homework portal software, and 50% are utilizing classroom management software. Of the schools surveyed, 29% said they would like to either add or update e-learning software, and 19% said they hope to add or upgrade their classroom management tech tools. In cases of technology implementation, larger schools seem to be ahead of the curve as 58% of schools with a thousand students or more are using classroom management software.

Who is making these changes? Apparently, administrators are the driving force, with the school board and IT staff playing supporting roles. Teachers said that they feel they only have “moderate” influence, while parents have very little say in what kind of technology gets introduced and on what timeline. Parents are not left out entirely, though. Although most schools (57%) say they do not use social media, those that do use social media report that they primarily use it for connecting with parents and reaching out to the community.

On the wish list for most schools in the coming year is software that will allow them to connect with students on a deeper level, enabling them to track a student’s progress and collect data throughout the year so that they can analyze a student’s improvement.

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