Top Tech Trends In Education

Top Tech Trends In Education

Understanding How Students Are Relating To Their Technology

As part of Project Tomorrow, over 400,000 students from around the country were surveyed about their technology use and attitude towards it. The results are enlightening, and show a shifting face of technology in education. The sheer number of students who have access to internet-capable technology may surprise you, and also their awareness of what using technology means for them in the present and future. Here are the trends the survey revealed:

  • Access Is Up: A large number of high school students (89%) have access to phones with Internet capabilities, 50% have access to a tablet, and 60% have access to a laptop. Only 50% of students in 3rd-5th grades have access to internet-connected phones. It is not surprising, then, that the majority of high school students report that their main means of connecting to the Internet is a smartphone.
  • They Care About Their Trail: Of the high school students who have regular internet access, 64% reported that they are cautious about the kind of digital footprint they leave online and think carefully before posting something to social media – 39% of them even advise their friends about what they should and should not put on the Internet. Likely, this is because 44% of the students said that they think having a respectable profile online will impact their future.
  • Space Age Schoolwork: The survey also requested responses from teachers, and of those asked, 46% reported that they use video in the classroom. A third of students are responding in kind, accessing videos online to help them with their homework. Technology is being used as a resource for more than just video, though – 60% of students say that they use a mobile device for research.

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