Shop Smartly and Safely When Shopping Online!

Online shopping can make getting items that you may need or want, much easier! However, it can also be dangerous with all the spam and identity thieves out there waiting to take advantage. Keep your information protected as you shop online. Here are some easy tips to make your online shopping more productive and safe.

  • Keep any devices clean: Make sure all the devices you plan to use for online shopping have up-to-date software such as security, operating systems, and programs.
  • Avoid suspicious links: Any links in emails, posts, and other online advertising can be spam. Even if you know the source, if it looks suspicious do not risk it.
  • Think before you act: You may see amazing deals that make you want to act immediately, but you should take the time to think it through. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is, so you should probably stay away from it.
  • Use secure sites: Make sure the site you are shopping on is legitimate. If it is protected, it will have a closed padlock on the browser’s address bar or the URL will start with shttp:// or https://. This means your purchase and your information is more protected.
  • Use safe payment options: Credit cards can be safer than money wiring or sending cash in the mail. They allow you to seek credit if the product is not delivered and they have a limit on the amount you are responsible to pay. PayPal is probably the safest way to pay online because your credit card information is not shared with the servers.

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