The New Apple iPad Air 2

Apple iPad Air 2

Hey techophiles… are you excited about the new Apple iPad Air 2? So are we! Apple’s announcement of a new iPad Air has many Apple loyalists and techie types (like us) super excited. Our team has taken a look at the new iPad Air 2 and compared it with the original iPad Air. In doing so, we have gathered a list of a few physical changes that slightly impact the protective case design… for your convenience, here they are:

  • There is a slight reposition of the camera lens in the new iPad Air 2.
  • Additionally, there is complete re-positioning of the volume control buttons.
  • The new iPad Air 2 will no longer have the mute or silence button, as it has been removed.
  • Apple has also decided to relocate the microphone buttons for the launch of this exciting new product.

Overall, the 18% depth change is not expected to have significant impact on the case fit. Stay tuned to hear about our new iPad Air 2 protective case models that will be ready soon.

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