D&D Team Member Highlight: Nelson Rogers

D&D Team Member Highlight: Nelson Rogers

While you may know Nelson Rogers as D&D’s Lead Installer – there is much more to him than what meets the eye. Nelson leads a bit of a fascinating existence – doing things and going places many of us “regular types” only dream of.

Nelson has taken the path less traveled for most of his young life. It started at 19 when he became a veracious reader… The novel “1984” was pivotal for Nelson… it inspired him to change his world, his politics and helped him discover his love of solitude through reading. No longer wanting to be a cog in his social wolf pack, Nelson realized he wanted to break out and think independently. As Nelson put it recently (and so eloquently) “The activity of reading began to seriously appeal to the rebel in me. Having been a musician my whole life it was easy to become a reader. They both are activities that send you into your imagination. They inspire you and leave your consciousness on a higher plane than it was before. But more than that, they are whetstones for mental growth, tools that accelerate your ability to imagine your future self into existence. My relationship with books and music is really a love affair I have with myself”.

Nelson’s passions go well beyond reading – he is quite the accomplished musician knowing how to play many instruments including the guitar, piano, bass, drums, mandolin, banjo, and is even an accomplished singer! Nelson currently performs with 5 Bay Area bands. He plays the drums for four out of the five bands.

Nelson is also quite a world traveler visiting such exotic places as Cambodia, Egypt, Vietnam, Mexico, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Greece, and Turkey. Traveling the world has given him a unique appreciation for things many individuals would blindly overlook.

Recently, Nelson was promoted to our Senior Project Manager – congratulations Nelson!

We love working with Nelson and hope this insight into his personal life allows you to appreciate all of his hard work that much more!

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