How Chromebooks Can Help In The Classroom

Three Ways Technology Is Serving Higher Education

Integrating technology into the classroom will not only help to ensure that children are tech savvy when they enter college or the workforce, but it can also be a great way to keep them interested in their coursework. While Chromebooks originally were designed to be little more than a conduit to the web, the new Chromebooks have completely revolutionized what they can do offline.

Some of the new things that Chromebooks can do:

  • Edit with Adobe Photoshop. Being able to use Photoshop will allow students to create their own images that can be added onto projects, or just as a creative outlet.
  • Use Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office may be one of the most vital programs for students. The program includes PowerPoint, Excel, and Word, which are helpful to the classroom and also help get students ready for college and careers where these programs are needed.
  • Work offline. It’s not just about cloud computing anymore…Working offline with the Chromebook helps to prevent distracted students who are browsing the web. While offline, students can still download videos, PDFs, and eBooks, which can help students be more productive. Enabling offline work is simple – open Google Drive, click on the gear icon, select “settings” – open the “general tab” and check the box next to “sync your work to this computer so that you can edit offline” and boom! You’re done. (It’s pretty much the same with Google Calendar!)
  • Run Cool Apps. Although the Chromebook is not able to run all Android apps, the ones that it can run, such as Skype, can be helpful in the classroom. Along with the video feature, Skype also allows for direct messaging, which can be useful for students who are too shy to ask questions out loud. Check out Google “Chrome Apps”  – these apps basically grants access to your device’s hardware and can transform your device into a traditional desktop – complete with discrete out-of-browser windows, full of offline capabilities and ability to utilize local storage and resources.

When investing in Chromebooks for your classroom, it is important to make sure that they are charged and properly protected with the right integration tools and products. Contact D&D Security to keep all of your classroom technology integration needs.