New System to Eliminate iPhone and iPad Thefts

New System to Eliminate iPhone and iPad Thefts

Buying an iPhone or iPad from a third party can be a great way to save money on some of the newest technology. However, it also opens the door to potentially buying a stolen phone. Luckily Apple has responded to this issue by including an Activation Lock, which is a tool that allows you and third party sellers to check if the phone is stolen.

Activation Lock is part of the Find My iPhone service that is provided through iCloud in iOS 7. Once the Activation Lock is turned on, the phone or iPad is locked and will require the user to put in the Apple ID and password that was originally associated with the device to unlock it and use the device. Even if all the information on your phone was wiped manually when it was stolen, the Apple ID and password of the original owner will need to be entered in order to use the device.

While this is a step in the right direction to help prevent phones from being stolen, it’s not foolproof. Many hackers have already figured out how to bypass the new system by tricking the device to use a different iCloud server. Even with its errors, the Activation Lock system will help protect retailers and buyers from stolen iPads and iPhones. In fact, it may also help to deter thieves from stealing phones in the first place. Thefts of iPhones in San Francisco dropped by 38 percent in the first six months after the Activation Lock was launched.

Although the Activation Lock was optional for iOS 7, it’s turned on by default in IOS 8.

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