Protecting iPads in Education – Common Sense Tips and New Products!


Recently we saw this great poster at one of our customer’s campuses… we loved it and wanted to share it with you… it features common sense “best practices” for your students when using their iPads in your 1:1 Mobile Device Program. The rules for using their iPads are given from the perspective of the iPad talking directly to the students…

1.) Please don’t get me wet… (Seems obvious but kids will be kids and this is so important to point out to them. Just a few drops of moisture can ruin an expensive iPad)

2.) Share me with others and take turns… (Here’s a teachable moment! What a great character building lesson when using a highly desirable “toy” (we know, it’s not a toy!) that your students could be very hesitant to share because their iPad is so much fun to use… but having a collaborative experience so much a part of the new Common Core Standards – sharing is imperative).

3.) Be gentle with my screen and buttons… (Kids sometimes don’t realize how rough they are being with their technology – fortunately, we have ruggedized cases that protect the screen and buttons in an educational environment – more on that below)

4.) Turn me off when you are not using me… (Battery life and usage is a big part of enjoying and preserving the life of your iPad – something kids may not know)

5.) Carry me with both hands… (Such a good idea – iPads may not seem heavy to adults (especially iPad Minis) but they are heavy to kids – two hands is an excellent rule to follow)

The newest iPad is the iPad Air – and we have recently launched a new ruggedized case for the iPad Air – The Student Series Varsity Air View Case! This great new case specifically designed for your iPad Air in an educational setting, features shock absorption and great protection of the buttons and ports. It also features an integrated window on the back to hold student ID cards, 1:1 Mobile Device Program ID Cards or to view district asset tags – this feature is exclusively offered through D&D! It also includes an integrated stand for landscape viewing and a textured exterior to help your students grip the iPad – which helps prevent dropping the iPad. Truly the perfect case for your students!

At D&D Security, we have many different Student Series iPad Cases to ensure that all of your iPads are protected from any unfortunate situation. We have rugged cases for the iPad 2, 3, 4, Air and the Mini that will provide the right amount of protection. We also offer mobile device lockers, charging/syncing carts and much more. Contact us – we can help you find the perfect mobile device accessory for your campus.