The New Era of Field Trips

Taking a whole class, or even a whole grade level on a field trip can be costly and stressful. Along with making sure that everybody has permission to go on the trip, you also have to make sure that you are prepared for any accidents that may happen while you are away from campus, and that is all before you even leave! A new trend of virtual field trips can not only help to save you money, but also help save you the stress of planning a trip and allow your students to experience places they could never go on a typical field trip. Keep these fun and educational virtual field trips in mind the next time you are looking for a fun activity for your students.

  • Google Lit Trips. These free, downloadable files allow you students to see the locations of famous literature characters. Working with Goggle Earth, this program has placemarks on each place the character traveled, which include different information about the characters and places. It also gives references to “real world” happenings of the location.
  • Le Louvre. Allow your students to visit the Louvre and experience all of the different departments of the museum. The virtual tour allows you and your students to experience a 360-degree view of the museum, and even see some rooms that are closed to the public.
  • Colonial Williamsburg. Not only will this virtual field trip to Colonial Williamsburg be the perfect learning tool for history lessons, but it will also help to keep your students engaged and excited about the beginning of the United States. The one-hour live broadcast is free, and will include dramatic videos and historical documentaries, and even allows different interactive opportunities through Twitter.

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