How to Save Money on Back to School Supplies

With school starting soon, it is the best time to make sure your kids are prepared with the right school supplies. While there may be many things to buy, you do not have to empty your bank account to ensure your child is prepared. There are many resources available to help save you money when buying new school supplies. Make sure to follow these tips to find all the school supplies that your child needs, all on a budget.

  • Go online. There are many online resources that can help you find the best deals on all of your school supplies. Check local Facebook events to see if there are any yard sales, or back to school events that have all of the necessary supplies at a discount. There are also many websites that are dedicated to finding yard sales in your area, such as GSALRYard Sale Search, and Yard Sales. By simply searching your area, you can find all the yard sales in your area so that you can look for school supplies at a lower price.
  • Coupons. Finding coupons has become much easier than looking through weekly mailers. There are many websites that allow you to choose coupons that will work best for you. Check out Retail Me NotCoupons.com, and Coupon Cabin to save on everything from back to school clothes to food to pack in school lunches. Since you are able to pick and choose which coupons you want, you can save on just about everything your child needs for back to school.
  • Ask the right people. Many paper supplies will offer paper at a discounted price, or even for free. These are unsellable products that are typically just recycled, but can be perfect for school.