Fun Summer Educational Apps for Kids

Fun Summer Educational Apps for Kids

Keeping your kids learning this summer can seem like a challenge, especially when they want to spend most of their time on your phone or tablet.

Installing educational apps is a great way to allow your kids to play, while still engaging their minds. Keep these apps in mind to make sure your kids are keeping their minds active this summer while having fun.

  • Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. An ebook version of the loved Dr. Seuss book, the words are highlights as they are read by a narrator. Touching all of the objects that are featured on each page will bring up their associated words.
  • Fish School HD. Your preschooler can learn letter, shapes, numbers, and colors, all from colorful fish in an underwater world.
  • ABCmouse.com Visit the Zoo Series. If your child has every expressed the desire to be a veterinarian or biologist, this the perfect app for them. It allows children to explore different habitats of different animals. There are different quizzes to take and new facts to learn throughout the exploring.
  • Scout’s ABC Garden. A friendly green dog, who gets to know your child and calls them by name and mentions their favorite food and color, becomes the guide for your child as they go through different letter and number activities.
  • Balloony Word. A new twist on the original hangman game, children will learn new vocabulary while practicing their spelling skills, all while trying to keep a gorilla afloat with his handful of balloons.
  • Stack the States. While building a stack of cartoon states, your child will learn about the state shapes, capitals, and abbreviations. The more states that are stacked, the more levels your child will move through.
  • Math Easy HD. Different math-based puzzles help your child bridge the gap between basic counting and simple arithmetic with connect-the-dots and counting games.

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