One Word Thought of the Day…. Quality

One Word Thought of the Day…. Quality

Different companies have different objectives when selecting products to manufacturer and sell. Here at D&D our primary objective is offering top quality design and materials.

We want our products to last!  That’s because we strongly believe that the higher the quality the better – and here’s why:

When product quality is high – return on investment increases and total cost of ownership decreases… that ’s good for you – and for us. When you buy a product from D&D – you know you’re getting top quality products designed to last – and we know you’ll turn to D&D when you are ready to make that investment.

Our cart and furniture sectors are good examples… Our products are guaranteed to last 20-30 years with proper use.  Low cost / lower quality products may be less expensive in the short run, but the total cost of ownership increases when the product fails and must be replaced every few years.

D&D – product quality you can trust.

Tip: Insist on long warranty periods.  Only top quality brands will offer long warranty periods.