Protecting Your New, Less Expensive iMac

Protecting Your New, Less Expensive iMac

Mac computers are one of the most sought after computers due to their fast processors and seemingly endless amount of memory. One of the major issues most consumers have with iMac’s are the price. Apple listened and has introduced a newer entry level iMac at one of its lowest prices ever, only $1,099, which is $200 less than previous models.

The new Apple iMac, the APPL Tech30, features a large 21.5 inch LED-backlit screen, which is large enough for almost everyone’s needs. It also has a 1.4 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB or memory, and a 500 GB hard drive. Although slightly lower than Apple’s previous “low end” iMac, Apple is predicting that the lower price will help them reach a broader audience. As with all other Apple products, there are also many different add-ons that are available, from a larger hard drive, to an external memory drive which can be used to hold all of the extra information that you do not need access to on a daily basis.

The less expensive price also means that buying these computers in bulk, such as for a classroom or library, is even more affordable. Having the proper technology can help expand children’s minds, and allow them to be comfortable with all different technology that they will be using later in life.

When investing in high-quality technology such as iMac’s, it is important to make sure to protect your investment. D&D Security Resources offer different security options for your iMac’s. The iMac Security Kit with Mounting Plate includes a 5 foot double-eyelet white cable, one security mounting plate, and a heavy-duty padlock. This connects to the computer to the desk, keeping it safe from thieves. If you are looking for the most secure option for your new iMac, invest in the iMac Maximum Security Kit. Using a high-strength AnchorPad, this kit secures the computer to a table using a dual pick-resistant locks.

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